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    Glass Working Tools

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    Books and Videos and DVDs

    Wire Jewelry in an Afternoon - Michey Baskett    (Book - Wire Jewelry)
    Wire Jewelry in an Afternoon - Michey Baskett

    Akihiro Ohkama - Intro to Japanese Beadmaking    (Book- Akhiro)
    "Introduction to Japanese Beadmaking Techniques" book, by James Kervin. The tenth booklet of this series. This booklet focuses on the techniques used by Japanese artist Akihiro Ohkama as he shares the secrets that he uses in making glass beads.

    1000 Glass Beads     (Book-1000 Beads)
    "1000 Glass Beads, Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Bead Making" book. 1000 tiny masterpieces literally glowing with creativity: Examine magnificent glass bead works of art including jewelry and sculptural pieces from the top names in the field today, as well as exciting works from emerging artists. Their exquisite designs reflect the diversity and innovation of bead making techniques from around the world. Simultaneously fine art and functional, wearable and collectible, these glass treasures will astound you with their originality and artistry.

    Advanced Flameworking Vol 1 by Milon Townsend    (Book-AdvFlame1)
    Advanced Flameworking Vol 1 by Milon Townsend This book illustrates methods and techniques that Milon has developed and refined throughout the course of his career. Almost 2000 color photographs and diagrams take the reader through all the steps that will add to their ability to create their artwork. It is the only flameworking book geared specifically towards advancing those already working glass on the torch. It begins with the six basic techniques and progresses through more than 45 different processes, including: the making of color cane, detailed instruction on the human form, and working with borosilicate plate glass. Hard cover, 8½" X 11", 191 pages.

    Art and Soul of Glass Beadmaking    (Book-ArtandSoul)
    Art and Soul of Glass Beadmaking Embark on a one-on-one journey with 14 glass bead artists as they create 30 projects and share their passion for their craft along the way. Author Susan Ray takes you beyond the ordinary stringing process and into the inventive realm using the individual artist's beads to create fine jewelry and beaded accessories. Step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations, and stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets, eye-glass holders, lariats, and more. The Art & Soul of Glass Beads is a detailed and panoramic tour of the world of lampworked beads and their creators, breathtakingly and lovingly photographed by co-author Richard Pearce. Perfect bound, 8½" X 11", 144 pages.

    Glass Bead Workshop by Jeri Warhaftig    (Book-BeadWork)
    Glass Bead Workshop by Jeri Warhaftig With over 20 projects compiled into this book, both beginning and intermediate lampworkers are given the opportunities to stretch their skills and learn new techniques with many many detailed photographs and instructions. There are separate appendices on both grinding and sandblasting. Each chapter also includes a lovely gallery of beads made with the same or related techniques by many well-known bead artist. Each chapter of the book focuses on using current tools, new materials and innovative methodology to produce a single project bead, and then provides variations on the techniques and materials in alternative projects. In addition to sandblasting and grinding, the projects include sculptural flower beads, lightweight hollow beads of many shapes, and an innovative twisty pendant which emphasizes the development of all-important heat control skills. Throughout the book, there are moments of "workshop wisdom" that help the reader overcome typical stumbling blocks encountered by students. 10¼" X 9", 143 pages.

    Borosilicate Beads of Nature by Gail Crosman Moore    (Book-BoroNature)
    Gail Crossman Moore's Borosilicate Beads of Nature, by Jim Kervin. In this, the eleventh book of this series, we work with the nationally known bead artist, Gail Crosman Moore, to learn some of the techniques that she uses in making her beads. Many of the shapes and color schemes that she uses in her work are inspired by nature. In this book we also provide an introduction into the use of colored borosilicate glass. See how its properties differ from the soda-lime glass colors which most beadmakers use. Gain an appreciation for the rich earth tones that they provide.

    Exotic Art of Glass Bracelet Forming    (Book-Bracelet)
    Exotic Art of Glass Bracelet Forming This book is an essential guide to creating the most amazing fused glass bracelets. Author Ron Bearer Jr. and Rocio Bearer present fresh, creative ideas, as well as instruction on the basic elements of bracelet forming and design. Starting with simple projects, such as a Twisted and Frit Formed bracelet, this book progresses to more advanced variations with Flameworked and Borosilicate techniques. Ron and Rocio demonstrate everything from preparing the glass, forming a basic blank to kiln bending Borosilicate. Perfect bound, 8½" X 11", color, 45 pages.

    Vitreous Painting Techniques of Bronen Heilman    (Book-Bronwen)
    "The Vitrious Painting Techniques of Bronwen Heilman for Glass Beadmaking" book, by James Kervin. The ninth in his series. Introduces you to contemporary beadmakers and their craft, with step-by-step instructions for painting techniques for glass beadmaking.

    Passing the Flame - Book     (Book-Corina)
    "Passing The Flame - A Beadmaker's Guide To Detail and Design, 3rd Edition" wire-bound book, by Corina Tettinger. A comprehensive volume which features hundreds of colorful photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions on topics including: getting started; getting to know your glass; the basic round bead; cubes, bicones & other shapes; dots; stringer decoration; cane; encasing; florals; sculptural information and with one additional chapter from Corina. 224 pages in this wire-bound (cookbook-lay-flat style) book.

    Dichroics - All Dressed up by Jackie Paiello-Truty    (Book-Dichroics)
    "Dichroics: Art Glass All Dressed Up" book, by Jackie Paciello-Truty. The history of dichroics in glass art from its its first appearance aout 20-25 years ago. Information about how dichroic is created, how it's used in the art glass industry, how it reacts to heat, light and layer, as well as some great photographs of popular glass artists and designers of today. 64 pages

    Contemporary Lampworking by Bandhu S Dunham -- 2 Vol    (Book-Dunham)
    "Contemporary Lampworking, Third Edition" 2 Volume book set, by Bandhu Dunham. This book is full of instructions, techniques, technical data, and listings for suppliers, schools, and other contacts. The recent works of nearly 100 artists is showcased. Available in two volumes. Over 100 pages of new material including additional techniques for jewelry, marbles, beads, paperweights, vessels, goblets, neon plasma sculpture, millefiori cane, lathe-working, core-forming, and combinations of lampwork with other glass techniques. Health and safety information has been newly updated to reflect NIOSH research. Chapters on history of lampworking and the general properties of glass have been greatly expanded. 511 pages

    Formed of Fire - Bandhu S Dunham     (Book-DunhamForm)
    "Formed of Fire" book, by Bandhu Dunham. In these pages, feast your eyes upon creations by nearly a hundred of today's best lampwork artists, form the United States and around the globe. A historical introdution, demonstration sequences by some of the featured artists and a glossary of lampwork terminology round out this indispensible guide to lampworked glass. 128 pages, 22.3 cm, full color, hardcover, cloth with full color dust jacket.

    Enameled and Etched Beads of Diane East    (Book-East)
    "The Enameled and Etched Beads of Diana East" book, by James Kervin. In this, the eighth booklet of this series, we work with British glass bead artist, Diana East, to learn some of the secrets that she uses in making her beads with their fantastic sandblasted images. Come and see how these mystical creations are made. Their detail and beauty will leave you begging for more. At the same time, you will be exposed to a wealth of new information on fuming and how to decorate beads using enamels. If that is not reason enough to buy this booklet, Diana also teaches us how to make ancient looking glass beads.

    Encase It by Griffin Dove    (Book-EncaseIt)
    Encase It by Griffin Dove Encasing techniques are essential for creating highly finished art beads. Deanna Griffin Dove explains how to execute a wide range of these techniques guaranteed to stretch your skills. Written for novice and advanced beadmakers alike, you will love the rich array of photos, new insights and thorough explanations in this authoritative easy-to- follow book. 11" X 8½", 72 pages.

    Fanciful Floral Beads of Leah Fairbanks by James Kerwin    (Book-Fairbanks)
    "The Fanciful Floral Beads of Leah Fairbanks And Her Gardens of Glass" book, by James Kervin. This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to make floral beads. Beautifully detailed, mostly bicone beads. 33 pages

    Flameworking by Elizabeth Mears    (Book-Flameworking)
    "Flameworking: Creating Glass beads, Sculptures & Functional Objects" book, by Elizabeth Ryland Mears. Softback Cover. Learn to manipulate hot glass to make beautiful flameworked shapes and objects that you'll assemble into larger sculptural and functional pieces. The detailed and easy-to-follow exercises, brought to life by sophisticated projects, will enable you to build a series of skills with each one you complete. 175 pages

    Flow Magazine - selected back issues are available.    (Book-Flow Mag)
    Flow Magazine - selected back issues are available.

    Enamel and Electroform Beads of Kate Fowle by James Kerwin    (Book-Fowle)
    "The Enamel & Electroform Decorated Beads of Kate Fowle Meleney" book, by James Kervin. Learn how to decorate glass beads using Thompson enamels and how to apply electroformed copper to the surface of a bead. 33 pages

    The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking    (Book-GlassBead)
    The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking by Kimberley Adams. Using an easy-to-follow workshop approach, Kim covers many of the major beadmaking techniques, starting with the simplest methods and ending with the most advanced. From making the first bead shape, such as a cone, to decorating it with surface treatments including enamel and gold leaf, she offers a complete, at-home course in this facinating craft.

    Dots - The Definitive Guide - Deanna Griffin Dove / Brad Pearson    (Book-Griffin Dove)
    Dot, Dot, Dots! Book by Griffin Dove Better Beadmaking in your hands • Easy-to-read Explanations guarantee a deep understanding of each technique presented. •Inspiring beads show how techniques are refined, implemented and layered. •Tips and insight help you develop essential skills and new ways to problem-solve. • Numerous tutorials challenge you to acquire techniques and expand your abilities.

    Hemp and Bead Jewelry - Mickey Baskett    (Book-HempandBead)
    Making Beautiful Hemp & Bead Jewelry With beautiful natural hemp you can create fantastic, contemporary necklaces, chokers, bracelets, anklets, earrings, watches, key rings, and eyeglass holders. All you need to do is knot, weave and braid. Every technique is here – as is an assortment of styles ranging from classy to funky. 56 projects. Perfect bound, 8½" X 10", 96 pages.

    Homer Hoyt Borosilicate Glassblowing    (Book-Hoyt)
    Fundamental procedures plus ten step-by-step lessons and worksheets ''a clear. Complete manual for the craft'' ''Here's your intro. To solid and blown glass sculpturing, with 1000+ step-by-step illustrations that take you from the fundamentals through your first swan, penguin, and flower to a bud vase and treetop ornament."

    Making Glass Beads by Cindy Jenkins - Book (112 pgs)    (Book-Jenkins)
    "Making Glass Beads" Book by Cindy Jenkins. Basic to advanced beadmaking techniques, 100's of color photo's of beads by 50 talented bead artists. Dozens of techniques are described in step-by-step detail and the text is seasoned with "Hot Tips", each designed to make learning easy and fun. 112 pages.

    Beads of Glass by Cindy Jenkins    (Book-JenkinsBeads)
    This book features 60 new techniques fully illustrated with detailed color photography, biographical sketches of 43 international bead artists, and eye-popping gallery of work from seasoned and emerging artists. 152 pages.

    The Complete Book of Jewelry Making - Carles Dodina    (Book-Jewelry)
    The Complete Book of Jewelry Making - Carles Dodina Work with glittering gold and sparkling silver to make the kind of exquisite, contemporary jewelry you dream of owning. In this complete sourcebook you'll find the key techniques that will open up endless creative possibilities for you. Learn the secrets of cutting and piercing; forging with different hammers to affect shape, size, and texture; and joining metal with other decorative materials. Beautifully enhanced surfaces, from embossing designs to producing a spectacular mirrored finish. Try related jewelry techniques, such as enameling, which lets you color metal in a wide variety of brilliant hues. Then practice your new skills on seven projects, including an elegant gold pendant with a handsome chain. Hard cover, 9½" X 12", 160 Pages.

    More Than You Ever Want To Know About Glass Beadmaking     (Book-Kervin)
    "More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Glass Beadmaking, Fifth Edition" book by James Kervin. Over 280 pages, showcasing the work of 100 glass artists on 24 color pages. Beadmaking supplies, tools, safety, new information about marble making & much more. Everything from torch setup to description of items, very informative.

    Torchworked Marbles - Drew Fritts    (Book-Marbles)
    "Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1, Beginner to Intermediate Techniques" book, by Drew Fritts. From equipment and setup to intermediate torchworking skills, this book will give you the information you need to actually start making art glass marbles. Whether you use soft glass or hard, make beads, sculpture, or already make marbles, there's something in this book for you. Collectors will also enjoy just seeing the process of one of today's top marble artists. 455 pages

    Masters Glass Beads    (Book-Masters)
    Masters Glass Beads Glass beadmaking is an age-old yet timeless craft, dating back at least to the ancient Egyptians, but is has only recently been elevated to the level of art. The forty master artists featured in this collection challenge and expand the traditional boundaries of the medium. Stunning color photographs showcase the finest examples of their work, artist commentaries offer insights into the creative process, and concise introductions describe techniques and inspirations. Perfect bound. 9¼" X 8", 335 pages.

    The Wild and Wonderful Work of Sharon Peters - Book (34 pages)    (Book-Peters)
    "The Wild And Wonderful World Of Sharon Peters And Her Silly Sculptural Shapes" book, by James Kervin. This book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make sculptural glass beads with a sense of humor. 34 pages.

    Just Plain Beads by Griffin Dove    (Book-PlainBeads)
    Just Plain Beads by Griffin Dove Discover your love for the simple, beautiful bead! Create the exact bead shape that exists in your mind's eye. The information in this book provides a solid foundation for success, yielding proven results. Vibrant pictures, simple directions, and complete explanations build a sturdy framework for understanding exactly how heat and motion affect a bead shape. Just Plain Beads! is a treasure-trove of techniques, tactics and tips. You will find instructions and guidance for a variety of shapes and problems in this easy-to-follow book. 11" X 8½", 68 pages.

    Classic Bead Shapes of Jim Smircich    (Book-Smircich)
    "The Classic Bead Shapes of Jim Smircich And His Amazing Control of Heat" book, by James Kervin. Step-by-step instructions on how to make classic torpedo-shaped beads and coloring beads. 33 pages

    Spotligh on Hollow Beads and Vessels - By Corina Tettinger    (Book-Spotlight Vol1)
    Spotligh on Hollow Beads and Vessels - By Corina Tettinger 15 pages. Includes detailed instructions by: - Jill Symons (Hollows) - Deb Crowley and Pam Dugger (Hollow Fishbeads) - Julie Suchy (Lotus Vessel and Glass stopper) - Kim Miles (Blown Vessels) - Carolyn Driver (How to make Handles) - Jodi Lindsey (stoppers and wire-wrapping) - Beth Mellor (stopper) - and Deb Bridge (beaded vessel collar) Contains all kinds of tips and tricks from Corina Tettinger and articles on all manner of bead-related topics by: Lisa Clark, Isis Ray, Andree Kosack, Inara Knight, Lisa Scenti and Mavis Smith.

    Spotlight on Silver - By Corina Tettinger    (Book-Spotlight Vol2)
    Spotlight on Silver - by Corina Tettinger In this issue: All you need to know about the different types of silver that can be incorporated into lampworked beads, and how to handle it. Over a dozen artists of all levels share their ideas and tips. Detailed step-by-step instructions. Michael Barley's secret ingredient revealed. Practical tips on ventilation, one of the most important factors when working with silver. 15 pages

    Spotlight on Beads for Inner Child - by Coringer Tettinger    (Book-Spotlight Vol3)
    Spotlight on Beads for Inner Child - By Corina Tettinger Twice the size of the previous editions. Learn how to make realistic looking popcorn, low-carb chocolates, green peas and strawberries you have to keep away from your kids. Make glass bugs, cats, dogs, puffins and other low-maintenance pets. Understand how to transform things you have seen in the world around you into fun sculptural beads. Gets lots of ideas for adding eyes, hair, wings and fins to your beads. Get inspired to use commercial millefiori in fun beads. And lots more that will open a completely new horizon for having adventure at the torch. Find your inner child. 31 pages

    Spotlight on Marketing Lampwork Beads on the Internet - By Corina Tettinger    (Book-Spotlight Vol4)
    Spotlight on Marketing Lampwork Beads on the Internet - By Corina Tettinger Great for both beginning bead makers and the veteran artist. This spotlight covers: Website versus Ebay, Artist identity, Advertising, Photography, and Running a successful website, along with much, much more. 48 pages

    Spotlight on Magic Color Reactions - By Corina Tettinger    (Book-Spotlight Vol5)
    Spotlight on Magic Color Reactions - By Corina Tettinger Beadmakers of all levels and from all over the globe have contributed pictures of interesting color reactions that happen in soft glass. The idea was to focus just on effects between glass colors, without the addition of popular "effective agents", like silver or reduction frits. Some explored interaction of strong reactive colors, a lot of unusual color combinations that created surprising results, and the secrets to their recipes for your own beadmaking adventures. 11 pages

    Painted and Faceted Fused Bead of Bruce St John Maher    (Book-St John Maher)
    "The Painted and Faceted Fused Beads of Bruce St. John Maher" book, by James Kervin. The seventh booklet of the series showcases Bruce St. John Maher. John shares his secrets, his intriguing fused beads. A wealth of new information on how to decorate your beads using traditional glass painting techniques and cold working facets.

    Brightly Colored Vessels of Heather Trimlett    (Book-Trimlet)
    The Brightly Colored Beads and Vessels of Heather Trimlett book, by James Kervin. Step by step instructions on how to make some of the very same glass beads and vessels that you Heather make herself. 33 pages

    Aquarium and Landscape Beads of Pati Walton    (Book-Walton)
    "The Aquarium and Landscape Beads of Pati Walton and Her Intricate Murrine" book, by James Kervin. Step by step instructions on how to make some of the very same glass beads that you see pictured. Use the instructions on these techniques as a springboard to create your own masterpieces. Great for beginners to intermediate beads and glass artists. 33 pages

    Blown Beads with Doug Remschneider    (DVD-BlownBeads)
    Blown Beads with Doug Remschneider Solid beads weighing you down? Blow them away with light weight blown beads! Doug Remschneider demonstrates how to blow beads with step by step instructions. He will show you how to use borosilicate colored frits and powders, how to pull points, or how to construct a blown bead using the much easier "tube & rod" method. He makes 5 lightweight beads, including how to make a native head, which is one of Doug's signature pieces. As an added feature to this video, he shows how to turn a blown bead into a miniature perfume bottle with a flared bottom. Approx. 83 minutes.

    Essential Lampworking with Freeman Corbin    (DVD-EssentialLamp)
    "Essential Lampworking" DVD, by Freeman Corbin. A visual encyclopedia of lampworking techniques. Latticinos, Ribbons, Marbles, Opposing Spirals, Reversals, Sectional Welding, Tube work, Fuming, Wraps, Jars, Vases, and more. Interviews with Freeman Corbin, Bob Snodgrass, and other experts. Approx. 150 minutes running time.

    Flamework: An Intimate Art - SueEllen Fowler    (DVD-Fowler)
    Flamework: An Intimate Art - SueEllen Fowler Suellen has been flameworking borosilicate glass for more than thirty years and her experience shows in her first video. She will show you her secrets on how to do what she is so famous for: custom mixing colors, exquisite perfume bottles, toy spinning tops and a fire breathing dragon.

    Making Dichroic Bead with Paty Frantz    (DVD-Frantz Dichro)
    Making Dichroic Beads DVD, by Patricia Frantz. This DVD video clearly shows the methods Pat Frantz developed to use dichroic coated glass to make radiant, colorful lampworked beads. This video will dispel the mystery of using dichroic glass for beadmaking. It starts with making simple dichroic beads and progresses to show very complex and dazzling uses of dichroic glass in torch-made beads. This video is an absolute must for everyone who has found dichroic glass difficult to work with.

    Making Inside-Out Bead with Shannon Hill    (DVD-Hill)
    "Making Inside-Out Beads with Shannon Hill" DVD. This Instructional DVD is aimed at the lampworking artist interested in learning Inside-Out techniques. It covers from beginning to advanced methods of hollow beadmaking with borosilicate glass. Learn coil potting, fuming, pulling points, and experimenting with dichroic. A truly educational experience. 51 minutes.

    Intermediate Beadmaking - Kate Fowle Melaney    (DVD-Int Bead)
    Intermediate Beadmaking - Kate Fowle Melaney 1¼ hours of demonstrations showing how to use several of the optic molds that are available to the beadmaker. Kate uses the star, heart and several of the saw tooth molds to produce cane, then shows two different ways to apply them to your beads. A fantasy bead is made from start to finish, clearly showing how to encase a surface that has canes protruding from it. And a bead with pattern cane applied directly to the surface, with no casing, is demonstrated as well.

    Glass Bead Making with Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths    (DVD-LewisWilson)
    Glass Bead Making with Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths The first in a continuing series, this video takes you through an easy step-by-step format to the methods involved in glass beadmaking. Also demonstrated are more advanced techniques such as the use of gold and silver foil, clear overlays and using dichroic glass. You will see beginning instruction to students and advanced bead making by four guests. Approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes.

    Elements - Robert Mickelsen    (DVD-Mickelsen)
    Elements - Robert Mickelsen Mickelsen Studios presents the second of a series of videotapes of fine lampworking. "In Elements, I not only demonstrate the construction of a complex graal vessel, but I also talk about the philosophy of my work, my dreams, inspirations, and aspirations" says Mickelsen. 51 minutes.

    Flameworked Pendants - Doug Remschneider    (DVD-Rem3)
    Flameworked Pendants - Doug Remschneider Ready to go off the mandrel? Learn to combine a simple bead with basic pendant shapes. Doug Remschneider demonstrates how to create beautiful pendants with step-by-step instructions. He will show you how to use basic techniques to create brilliant pendants in hard and soft glass. He makes 10 different pendants, including a turtle, which is Remschneider's most popular design. In addition, Remschneider provides recipes for the color combinations shown in the video.

    Stringer Control by Corina Jones    (DVD-Stringer)
    Stringer Control by Corina Jones

    Focus on Flamework - Canework by Milon Townsend    (DVD-Townsend)
    Focus on Flamework - Canework by Milon Townsend This video covers more ground, in more detail, than its 3 predecessors in the series. Most interesting is the demonstration of ways to actually use the different canes in a piece, as a goblet stem, paperweight figure, or a freestanding insect. Townsend explains the difference between "filigrana" and "latticino" and how the term 'Millis" came to be used instead of "murrine". He shows examples of the work of masters in the field, and makes the concept of canemaking accessible to anyone working in glass, clearly demonstrating technique and method for doing so. You will learn how to make: cane with simple external pattern; cane with internal twist; alternate colors in a pattern on the outside; to bundle sections of a cane together and draw that down into a complex cane. As before, the combination of interview, demonstration, still images, finished pieces, and now captions and digital animation will make this information both useful and easy to understand. As with all of the videos in this series, there is a full-color, 4¼" X 5½", 16 page, booklet includes with each tape. Approx. 42 minutes.

    Essential Lampworking 2 - Intermediate Techniques    (V-EssentialLamp2)
    Essential Lampworking 2, Intermediate Techniques DVD, by Freeman Corbin. The skills of five renowned craftsmen are yours to learn from in Essential Lampworking 2. Using 3D animation, narration, and step by step demonstrations, you will learn techniques essential to every intermediate lampworker. Dichroic, Inside Out, Filagree, Frit Coloring, Reversal Color Mixing, Sculpting, Flaring, Marbles, Vases, Combining, Techniques, Ribbons and more. Aproximate time: 2 hrs

    Glass Core Vessels by Richard Prevost - Video    (V-PrevostCoreVes)
    Glass Core Vessels by Richard Prevost - Video

    Glass Sculpting II - Beyond Beginner - Bill Rasmussen    (V-RasmussenII)
    Glass Sculpting II - Beyond Beginner - Bill Rasmussen

    Glass Sculpting III - The Human Figure    (V-RasmussenIII)
    Glass Sculpting III - The Human Figure In his third video, Bill Rasmussen combines techniques which he has been refining since 1944, for the lampworker who has moved Beyond Beginner. In this video some of the objects covered include creating a Ballerina, a male dancer, a child, kneeling figures, and a cherub.

    Milon Townsend - Using Northstar Borocolour    (V-TownsendBoro)
    Milon Townsend - Using Northstar Borocolour This is the very first tape in a series of five videos in which glass artist Milon Townsend clearly illustrates many of the techniques and principles that can be applied to creating artwork with borosilicate glass. This tape explains the natures of the different color families, including the stable colors; striking colors; oxidation/reduction colors; amber/purple colors; and the cadmium color group. The video combines demonstrations with interviews of Townsend, showing and telling the important foundational concepts for the artist who wants to have control of the final results. One of the unique aspects of the series is the inclusion of a full-color, 4¼" X 5½", 16 page, booklet with each tape, allowing the artist to follow along while watching. This way you'll have a source of information on the work area without having to set up a VCR/TV! Approx. 37 minutes.

    Milon Townsend - Using Northstar Frit and Powder    (V-TownsendFrit)
    Milon Townsend - Using Northstar Frit and Powder This is the second tape in the series of five videos featuring glass artist Milon Townsend. Here we find out about some of the health and safety issues important to the artist using frit and powder; how to make and sort your own frit; making cane with different frit and powder effects; how to create a solid sphere with different layers of color frit; and several sculptural applications for frit and powder pickups. Interspersed between interviews with the artist, a new feature of this tape is images of finished pieces, illustrating some of the ways that the artist can incorporate these techniques into his or her artwork. As with all of the videos in this series, there is a full-color, 4¼" X 5½", 16 page, booklet included with each tape. Approx 31 minutes.

    Aquarium Bead by Patty Walton - Video    (V-Walton)
    Aquarium Bead DVD by Patty Walton. A wonderfully presented video showing in detail an aquarium bead. Also, shown are the secrets to making a button.

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