AirMovers are an ingenious approach to the movement of large volumes of air — using small volumes of compressed air. They operate without moving parts to create large flows of air.

Move it without touching it!

Adjustable AirMovers

Nortel AirMovers are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel and PVC. Mounting flanges are available for easy installation.

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Fixed Gap

Zinc, and Aluminum Alloy. Optional shims available to increase flow.


Air miser nozzles utilize a similar principle as the air movers to create large output volumes from small input volumes of compressed air. Nozzle design provides low noise levels and zero static pressure at tip. 

Air Knives

Air Knives — strip air movers — provide a sheet of high velocity air for blowing, drying, etc. Typically, output volume is at least 25 times the compressed air consumption.

Vaporizing/Fogging Nozzles

Nozzles for tiny droplet distribution applications, such as fogging antiseptic distribution for hospital wards.

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