Introducing Lumiere Lusters!

We are very excited to be carrying Lumiere Lusters ™ – high temp flakes and powders, by Jet Age Studios! Available now in a huge range of colours at a fantastic price point.

Lumiere Lusters™ by JetAge Studio are specialty color shifting, heat resistant metal oxide powders and flakes that work glittery magic in lampworked glass, and a multitude of other mediums. These flakes are rated to resist heat up to about 1400F, and don’t have a specific coefficent. Similar to Dichroic Extract powder, they throw off a lot of color-shifting sparkle depending on the angle viewed. The larger particle sizes create a lot of shine that you cannot get from micas, and give quite a different effect from powdered extract. They’re also a great cost effective alternative to dichroic coatings and are more heat tolerant than regular powdered micas.


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Nortel Bead Liner

Currently unavailable. We are unable to produce our Bead Core liners at this time. We hope to be able to continue to produce them once supply issues are resolved enough to produce them at a reasonable cost.

Our bead press made it’s major public debut at Bead and Button in Milwaukee. It was also featured by many vendors at the Glass Artists’ Society Conference in Corning and again at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers’ annual conference in Florida.

This new bead core lining tool has innovative and unique features to enable quick and easy tool changes for a large range of liner sizes. The machine comes complete with a variety of sizes of ball-style forming tools for core liner sizes 1/8 up to 1/2 inch diameter. Larger sizes also available soon.

Nortel Bead Liner

Useful stuff to know:

Uses Brass, Copper, Sterling or Fine Silver tubing. Cut and anneal the tubing first

Cut tubing approximately 1/8 longer than the width of the bead hole – but beads with a more pronounced “dimple” will take longer tubes. A little experimenting will show you show you how much you can vary this. It is quite forgiving.

The tube or liner can be removed if you need to (i.e. wrong length) by gently cutting through it with a jeweler’s saw (small hacksaw with a very fine blade).

Also forgiving of less than perfect bead holes. Holes with raised areas can also be smoothed with a tapered grindstone.

Should be bolted to the bench/table for stabilty.

Built-in Tool holder – can also be switched to the other side.

Adjustable handle.

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