CiM – Creation is Messy – is a relative newcomer to the COE 104 commercial glass production world – but their enthusiasm and attention to detail, and their love of colour – has produced some truly outstanding glasses in a very short time. In particular – their beautiful range of pinks has endeared them to lampworkers everywhere. Their colours are very consistent, and they are careful to note batches with colour variations as “Uniques.”

The line also has some lovely translucent “moonstone” or “egg white” glasses – most notable the Halong Bay, the Cirrus, and the Peacock Green.

The clear comes with each piece individually wrapped to prevent scratching.

We carry the full line of Creation is Messy glass – current lineup, plus an extensive selection of past favourites in limited quantity!

Please see the Creation is Messy website for detailed working notes and inspiration from CiM’s talented glass testers.

For orders:

Download the full CiM Palette above, or view online here.

Please note that the colour charts include all colours that have ever been available from each manufacturer. Please visit our shop section for currently available colours.

New CiM Colours Released January 2019