Since the Middle Ages and in particular in the fifteenth century, the high technological level of the Murano glassworks was manifested both in the refined creations of the masters and in the rare qualities of crystal and colored glass expertly prepared by the chemical composers present on the island. In the second half of the ‘400 the Murano technicians had acquired such an ability to be able to make glass pipes in layers with different colors, which presented their characteristic concentric star motifs once called rosettes and currently known as millefiori or murrine of colored reeds and millefiori continued on the island of Murano for centuries, up to the present day.

The processing techniques, currently used at EFFETRE MURANO SRL, date back to the nineteenth century, a period in which the technical composer Vincenzo Moretti rediscovered the difficult technique of the Romanesque murrine and created a multitude of colored glasses and enamels, which is why the Effetre products are still known even today with the name Moretti. The tradition of these techniques, which even today is reflected in the Murano artifacts, is handed down from generation to generation. Modern technology combined with the knowledge of ancient craftsmanship, has allowed the affirmation on an industrial scale of colored and millefiori rods, while maintaining the artisan accuracy and the quality of the product.

The artisan products in which glass canes can be used are varied. such as pearls, objects worked with the ?? lume ? technique, rolled slabs, watermarks, grits, glass blocks, pipe and not least the splendid zanfirico-reticello. The strength of the effetre murano srl, the only producer of semi-finished glass in the island of Murano, is the rich variety of colors in which the various articles are available, a feature that makes it unique and known throughout the world.

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