45-T – Purple Sunshine

CAD $80.25 CAD $64.20

46-T – Brown Honey

CAD $80.25 CAD $64.20

47-T – King Crimson

CAD $80.25 CAD $64.20

48-T – Limeade

CAD $96.25 CAD $77.00

49-T – Pink Lemonade

CAD $80.25 CAD $64.20

50-T – Light Blue Honey

CAD $80.25 CAD $64.20

51-T – Space Cadet Sparkle

CAD $105.00 CAD $84.00

Double Helix Oracle Violet Opal

CAD $75.00 CAD $67.50

Soft Glass (104 COE)

Colour Charts


To order glass via email: 

Effetre (Moretti) glass rods, frit and commercial stringer.

Vetrofond glass – Limited stock available

104 COE Dichroic glass – Riley Designs Dichroic

CIM (Creation Is Messy) glass, including the fabulous selection of pinks, not to be found in other 104 COE glasses.

R4 – (Precision) glass – initially known as Rocio glass – remarkable for it’s high silver content and extraordinary reactions. Very limited stock available

Double Helix 104 glass. Made in the USA – wonderful selection of striking and reduction glass.

Bullseye glass rods, which are 90 COE. – Limited stock available

Hard Glass (33 COE)

We also have a full line of Simax Boro (Borosilicate) glass for both small-scale and large scale flameworking, including rods (3 mm to 32 mm) and tubing (5 mm to 200 mm.) We also carry coloured Borosilicate tubing in assorted sizes: Cobalt Blue, Black, Wisteria Purple, Pink, Amber, and Green. For Borosilicate glass orders, please email:

We carry NorthStar, and Trautman Art Glass, rods and frit. Greasy Glass rods and tubing, as well as dichroic borosilicate.

Glass Tools

We also have a full range of glass working tools, including:

For tools, kilns, and everything else, please email: