03 - Dave's Blues

Dave’s Blues – 1st (Top Shelf) Quality – Priced per pound.

CAD $85.00 CAD $72.25

Priced Per Pound

lbs. oz.
Price: $0.00


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A nice, soft shade of blue, Dave’s Blues is a transparent blue with a little extra pop! No reducing makes it great for overlays, lips, coil potting, and is stable in any application. A great addition to the current transparent trend, from our friends at Boro Batch. Keep this color in mind and in your arsenal!

RO Jones says, “They always told me that if I want it to sell ‘…make it blue.’ Dave’s Blue from Boro Batch is the blue they were talking about. It’s very creamy, takes heat really well and stands up to high heat flames, but still comes out brilliant and crisp. The color stays so even in small stringers it holds its color and it’s very easy to work.”

When you want the best, where do you reach? To the top shelf! We feel this is our best glass. What more can we say? Top shelf is recommended for the professional artist looking for top quality product.

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