CIM591 Aquamarine Ice Milky

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Creation is Messy – Aquamarine Ice Milky – 591 –  A milky opal blue. 104 glass. Compatible with all other 104 glasses.

“I hardly ever encase the CiM opals and I don’t know why. I think it must stem from my beginner beadmaking days and it was an absolute no-no to consider encasing any of the Italian opalino and alabastro glass because it would crack, so I think I got it into my head that it would be the same with the CiM opals. However, on the few occasions that I have encased the CiM opals I’ve not had any troubles. This round  of testing . . . I’ve added a thin layer of clear as a barrier so that any decoration stays neat and clean because the opals have a tendency to make stringer and spots feathery and wibbly. That’s fine because you can use it to your advantage, like I do for my ‘batik’ style beads, but more often than not I like my dots and lines to be as crisp as a Krisproll.” Read more at Laura’s blog.

– Laura Sparling

Sample Beads by Laura Sparling, Jean Daniels and Angela Dose. View all sample beads and working notes here:

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