CIM641 Pizzazz

CAD $97.50 CAD $78.00

Priced per pound. Minimum purchase is 1/4 lb. Please purchase in .25 increments.


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Creation is Messy – Pizzazz – 641-  A misty opal purple. 104 glass. Compatible with all other 104 glasses.

“Woo hoo, look at this purple! This wonderful shade is just slightly translucent, and is a noticeably warm color under warm lights, incandescent, etc.”

– Dwyn Tomlinson

“Pizzazz is gorgeous but does color shift a bit depending on your light source. It’s a nice pinky purple in natural light but changed to a muted blue-grey-purple under the artificial lighting in my photo cube. It was also stiffer than I anticipated it to be. It wasn’t a problem, it was just unexpected.”

– Joy Munshower

Sample Beads by Dwyn Tomlinson and Joy Munshower. View all sample beads and working notes here:

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