CIM734 Brown Eyed Girl

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Creation is Messy – Brown Eyed Girl – 734 –  A transparent brown. 104 glass. Compatible with all other 104 glasses.

“This warm transparent brown is Brown Eyed Girl. It doesn’t react with ivory or turquoise and could be a lovely base bead. Shown here as spacers, with ivory and turquoise dots and over silver foil. It produced a cool effect over the foil, dark and mysterious, something I plan to experiment more with.”

– Janet Evans

“Brown Eyed Girl is very similar to CiM Maple that was released a few years ago and was lovely with silver applications. In this bead set, I used Brown Eyed Girl with silvered ivory stringer to create dotted beads. Copper foil dragonflies were encased under Double Helix Zephyr capturing the luster of the copper on the brown transparent glass. The focal barrel bead combined these glasses with CiM’s Painted Hills, an opaque yellow, which warmed in the torch to a golden hue. Spacers of Brown Eyed Girl complete the set.” See more at Darlene’s blog.

– Darlene Collette

View all sample beads and working notes here: 

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