CIM739 Café Au Lait

CAD $42.00 CAD $33.60

Priced per pound. Minimum purchase is 1/4 lb. Please purchase in .25 increments.


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Creation is Messy – Café Au Lait – 738-  A creamy opaque brown. 104 glass. Compatible with all other 104 glasses.

“Café Au Lait is another really nice neutral tone that I am excited about and eager to buy. I didn’t get any of these blush tones on the surface. My sample bead took about 15-20 minutes to make and by that time the surface blushes had gone. The color it changed to is a lovely, soft, warm dove grey color. It’s a really nice neutral tone that is pretty unique to the 104 color palette and will lend itself to all sorts of bead designs and color combinations.”

– Joy Munshower

Sample Beads by Joy Munshowen, Josephine Wadman and Bianca Gruber. View all sample beads and working notes here:

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