CIM841 Diaphanous Misty

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Priced per pound. Minimum purchase is 1/4 lb. Please purchase in .25 increments.


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Creation is Messy – Diaphanous Misty – 841 – An ivory misty opal. 104 glass. Compatible with all other 104 glasses.

I made a sculptural bird bead with Diaphanous Misty. Loved this color and easy to work with. Much warmer tone than the other ‘moonstone whites.’ I began with a clear ‘core’ body and then encased in Diaphanous Misty. This gives an opportunity to see encasement with the color. The head, wings and tail were added straight from the rod. I used Reichenbach Deep Black for the base of the beak followed by Effetre Pastel Yellow. The eyes were also Reichenbach Deep Black.”

– Kim Fields

“The color change with this glass was unexpected. I can only guess that it was due to a chemical reaction with the silvered ivory. Despite that, I actually really like the color it turned out to be. When layered over the silvered ivory core it changed to a very pale, warm gold color with just a hit of opacity. The two glasses played well together and I didn’t get any cracking. I’d buy just because I like the color I did get with it . . . a nice ‘happy accident.'”

– Joy Munshower

Sample Beads by Joy Munshower, Kim Fields, Trudi Doherty and Jean Daniels. View all sample beads and working notes here:

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