CIM929 Lingonberry

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Creation is Messy – Lingonberry – 929 –  A transparent pink. 104 glass. Compatible with all other 104 glasses.

“Lovely, lovely Lingonberry! Lingonberry is quite similar to Cranberry Pink but has a slightly more orange hue. I love the intensity of this rich colour! No issues with shockiness. Shown here as spacers, over white and encasing silver foil.”

– Janet Evans

“Lingonberry is juicy juicy!! In this image the left bead is a solid core of Lingonberry while the right bead is a core of clear and layer of Lingonberry then encased in clear again. I had heard that the ‘butterscotch’ effect had been happening with other testers and temperature was the most common variable. As before, I work my glass hot… umm probably because I’m impatient! So I didn’t deviate from my normal! I had a very, very slight result of butterscotch due to that. Looking at the finished bead straight on, I couldn’t detect it and I don’t feel like a customer would either in the finished bead. When you turn the bead on its end it is slightly noticeable. This wouldn’t deter me from using this glass and going forward I would just work it cooler than I usually do. As far as the temperament of this glass . . .  it’s very mild mannered! No shocking or boiling and it encases very well.”

– Angela Dose

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