Double Helix Aether

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Aether is a colorless encasing glass designed for superb workability in the flame. It is engineered to be resistant to boiling, free from seed bubbles, and handled with the utmost care to ensure freedom from scratches and dust.  In other words, it is our clear.

These Aether rods have been highgraded to remove any rods with scratches, stones or more than a reasonable amount of seed bubbles.  We have allowed for more variation in rod diameter and roundness.

Aether does contain certain chemical components that can react with metallic silver and cause a reaction. These chemicals also keep Aether remarkably free of seeds, and help to preserve the metallic sheen of the encased silver. The reaction often appears as a yellow/green tint. Working the encased bead hot often increases this effect. If you want to avoid that reaction entirely, we recommend Zephyr clear instead.

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