Nyx - Powder

CAD $12.50


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Nyx was one of our earliest colors and was made from Effetre Clear. Nyx will reduce to a mirror like or multi colored luster and kiln strikes through a steady fade from black to light blue.  You can determine the coloration through annealing time, temperature and placement in your kiln.

Tips:  We recommend kiln striking a rod of Nyx to estimate the kiln striking time at your annealing temperature.  Our kiln striking tests were perfomed between 950 and 970 degrees F.  One hour annealing time produced a dark blue, while light blue tones developed after three to four hours.  Higher annealing temperatures result in more green colors.  Encasing may alter kiln struck color.  For reduction, work in a neutral flame, cool, then reduce.

Our frit is run through a magnet trap to remove any metal particles from the crushing equipment and is then washed to remove the glass powder from the fine, medium and coarse.  Sold in 2 oz quantities.

Grind Size = Powder

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