Queen's Court

CAD $25.00


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Creation is Messy sample pack. Sold in a bundle of one working length rod (13″) of each of the colours shown and listed below. Fantastic way to sample colours you may not have tried before in a themed pack.

Package contains:

CIM555 Sacre Bleu

CIM622 Byzantium

CIM317 Baked Alaska

CIM655 Eggplant

CIM616 Coronation Day

CIM122 Maroon

CIM703 Butter Pecan

CIM308 Ochre

CIM216 Monarch

CIM542 Blue Arrow Frog

CIM598 Atlantis

CIM229 Clockwork

CIM556 Merryweather

CIM546 Quetzal

CIM472 Mantis

CIM499 Rainforest

CIM119 Red Alert

Darlene from Pendragonfyre has been doing some colour testing for us – have a look at her Queen’s Court blog posts

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