Spring 2014 - Aquatic Issue - The Flow

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Flow Spring 2014-Marine and Aquatic Gallery
Featuring the work of 13 Flameworking Artists

The work of 13 talented flameworking artists is displayed in this Spring 2014 gallery. Designs include realistic and whimsical sea life created as sculptural work, beads, and pendants using a wide variety of techniques.

Terrafuse—Aruba Glass & Ceramics
Enchanted Spot for Creating Glass Art
by Jeri Warhaftig
Photography by Panos Lambrou and Neil Fabricant

Jeri Warhaftig shares her visit to Aruba where she presented her glass art techniques to an overflow audience at Terrafuse, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote glass, ceramic, and other art forms throughout the island. Owners Marian and Ciro Abath pursue their goal by offering workshops in beadmaking, glassblowing, glass casting, and ceramics.

Ring of Fire-Coming Full Circle in Glass
by Deb Crowley

Deb Crowley describes how her career as a glass artist developed, beginning with her experience in stained glass, then as a flameworker and glassblower. A recent commission for a large residential sea life panel brought her back full circle with a stained glass panel that she enhanced using her glassblowing and flameworking skills.

Tool Review with Bronwen Heilman
The Hemostat

Bronwen Heilman shares the long history behind hemostats, from their beginning as a pivoting surgical instrument through a multitude of other uses, including working with hot glass in tight areas. Bronwen has found that next to tweezers, hemostats are her favorite tool for holding dichroic glass sheets and short rods, plus many other uses.

Glasscaster with Marcie Davis
Vittorio Costantini-Capturing the Beauty of Nature in Glass
Photography by Gian Mauro Lapenna and Graziella Giolo

Venetian Glass Master, Vittorio Costantini, shares highlights from his long career as a glass artist. As a boy he worked on his father’s fishing boats but discovered working in glass art, first producing museum reproduction pieces, then as a glassblower in local factories, and finally developing his own exquisite flameworked glass art.

Sunshine and Seashells
by Aymie McKesson
Photography by Christina Effin Cody

Aymie McKesson introduces readers to Christina Cody, who discovered working in glass during the late 1990s. She eventually gave up retailing glass tools and materials in favor of creating her own art. Christina loves nature and often finds her inspiration there, including the beach with its seashells and other sea creatures.

2013 Glass Craft Emerging Artist Award Winner-Demetra Theofanous
Photography by Keay Edwards

The FlowGlass Art, and Glass Craft & Bead Expo announce Demetra Theofanous as the 2013 GCEA Award winner. Demetra has pioneered combining the pâte de verre techniques she learned in the prestigious Higuchi class at Corning in 2010 with her flameworked sculptures to create realistic nests with eggs and surrounding florals.

What’s Hot
by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books, patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.

Whimsical Fish
Text and Demonstration by Nanette Charif

Nanette Charif demonstrates techniques for creating cartoon character–style fish decorated with large, three-layer eyes and multicolored layered dots. The bodies are formed using a V-shaped marver as a guide for body width and length. Fins are applied along the top and bottom of the body and shaped with tweezers.

Blown Borosilicate Fig Shell Pendant
Text and Demonstration by Deb Crowley

Deb Crowley shares an excerpt for blowing fig shell pendants from her tutorial e-book, Blown Borosilicate Shells. Clear tubing is decorated by rolling it in Butterscotch frit and adding design patterns with Caramelo rod. Final shaping is accomplished with marvers and round-sided tools. Tips are included to ensure success with creating the shells.

Fishy Fish
Text and Demonstration by Brent Graber

Brent Graber demonstrates his design for fish with large fins and colorful bodies that are created using dichroic glass rod. The fins are formed and put aside at the beginning of the creation process, then attached to the body and drawn out into flowing shapes. Lips are added to finish the fish design.

Rainbow Trout
Demonstration by Beau Tsai, Text by Judy Carlson

Beau Tsai demonstrates creating realistic trout sculptures using Silver Strike rod and grit plus additional dichroic rod. The body begins as a football shape, and is then striped with peach rod and finished with Shamrock frit, Blue Amber Purple, and black stringer. The eyes are added using premade yellow and black murrine.

Kiln Corner-Coating the Firebrick Kiln Lid
by Arnold Howard
Photography Courtesy of Paragon Industries, L.P.

Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from artists about the proper techniques for coating kiln lids, which coatings to use, and how to prepare for applying lid coatings.

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