Toss the Greens

CAD $25.00


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Creation is Messy sample pack. Sold in a bundle of one working length rod (13″) of each of the colours shown and listed below. Fantastic way to sample colours you may not have tried before in a themed pack.

Package contains:

CIM456 Eel Grass

CIM459 Juniper

CIM452 Peat Moss

CIM487 Poison Apple

CIM428 It Ain’t Easy Being

CIM436 Leaf Men

CIM437 Primavera

CIM462 Chrysalis

CIM419 Iguana

CIM433 Limelight

CIM497 Appletini

CIM413 Peacock Green

CIM460 Turtle Power

CIM470 Eden

CIM464 Camouflage

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