Temporarily Closed Due to Covid-19

We have closure directives from both our Canadian Federal and Ontario Provincial leaders. Yes, this situation causes great hardship to many businesses and families and Nortel is no exception. Nortel must make the difficult decision to remain shuttered. I have struggled, and we could search between the lines of ESSENTIAL services to give an opportunity to open with skeleton crew but in all moral conscience that would not be the Nortel way. It is with great commitment and determination that Nortel staff feel we must heed the message “STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, and STOP the SPREAD” We too must do our part for our staff, families and our community during this unprecedented time. We will continue to work from home responding to emails etc.

This is one of the most challenging yet most important Nortel announcements I have ever written. The support of our customers has always been the strongest part of Nortel. Nortel will most certainly treasure each and every order and look forward and commit to hard work and pushing to swiftly ship all orders as soon as we are able. Our website will remain active with updates and the shopping cart is ready to take your orders. Each order awaiting our return will bring a welcome smile and our Nortel signature sample with every order will be stepped up a notch to show our appreciation for your patience and support.

Thank you – Please STAY SAFE
Jean Robichaud
Nortel Mfg. Ltd

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