02 - Wild Honey

Wild Honey – 1st (Top Shelf) Quality – Priced per pound.

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Boro Batch is bringing around another brilliant color to the field. Wild Honey comes from the efforts of all the worker bees that inhabit said field. This is a less intense version of Mead but the striking effects are similar.

RO Jones says, “BoroBatch has a great striking purple in Wild Honey. It’s a deep, rich purple after a high heat flame and a kiln cycle, in a lower heat flame you pull out these amazing purple sherbert, creamy lavenders. It’s a complex color with lots of chances to add soft ambers, light purply blues and crisp royal purples to your work. It strikes really easy and is just good clean boro fun in the flame. Honeycomb this!!”

When you want the best, where do you reach? To the top shelf! We feel this is our best glass. What more can we say? Top shelf is recommended for the professional artist looking for top quality product.

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