Jellyfish Frit

CAD $19.60


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Val Cox Frit Jellyfish – This one can be temperamental, consider substituting ISABELLA for an easier melting/reaction experience. Sold as a 3.5 oz refill package.

This special silver glass blend is nicely reactive, and has many different color possibilities depending on the base glass and the style of working.

Working tips: Nice reactions can be obtained from the heat-cool-&-repeat technique. A more challenging frit, unpredictable color effects. An inner base of black or a dark color, will enhance the etherial qualities of the frit patterns so that blue/violet tones emerge when encased. This blend is best used on a 96coe base glass to avoid any possible cracking, or if using 104coe, get it straight into the kiln. Anneals well at 930-950f without over-darkening.

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