Amelia Frit

CAD $19.60


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Val Cox Frit Amelia – 96coe leaded. Rich blend of cranberry, and orange transparent glass frit with a large addition (thus slightly higher price) of out-of-production Gaffer Royal Violet. This blend is Hot Head friendly. I worked this primarily on a base of Moretti Super clear. Very intense coloration. Sold as a 3.5 oz refill package.

Working tips: This violet within, like most vintage purple rose frits like an oxygen rich flame and they don’t do well with heating and cooling, either work it cool or work it hot, but not back and forth. If your violet looks whitish, reheat fully then straight to the kiln. If the violet on the surface disappears, you are good, it will reappear when cool. If it looks pitted, reheat fully then straight to the kiln. Keep at it, it’s a glorious color! This blend includes a bit of orange which is non-leaded so be mindful of how much you use on a 104coe base to avoid any coe issues. This color is pretty intense in saturation so you won’t need much.

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