Kronos 2 Frit - Powder

CAD $12.50


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Work in a neutral flame, cool until the glow is gone, reduce.

Kronos 2 was one of our first colors and has earned some loyal fans over the years. Unfortunately, Kronos is made from Vetrofond cobalt cullet. Vetrofond has ceased production and we can no longer aquire that cullet. Our last pot of Kronos has been pulled.

An enhanced formula of Kronos that is stronger, cleaner, and easier to reduce.   When worked in a slightly reducing flame this color develops swirls of blue, green, cream and a rainbow iridescence. This glass is a cobalt blue.

Our frit is run through a magnet trap to remove any metal particles from the crushing equipment and is then washed to remove the glass powder from the fine, medium and coarse.  Sold in 2 oz quantities.

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